FL Studio – MacBook Air M1 (2021) vs Macbook Air (2019)

So I love FL Studio but I am curious about the 3D sound options that come with the latest version of Logic Pro X so I thought I would try a change in the workflow - still composing in FL Studio but then exporting stems to Logic for Mastering. Background After my previous test with... Continue Reading →

Is now the time to replace my aging PC Music setup with an Apple M1 Mac Mini?

So my current setup for music has served me well for almost 5 years: HP Omen Desktop PC (released in February 2017), i5-7400, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD (more details here for those interested) However, I have noticed recently that it has been struggling on some of my larger projects and I am starting to think... Continue Reading →

Mackie MCU – Updating Firmware (PC)

I have an original Mackie MCU (not the pro) that was displaying "version 2.0" on booting. I wanted to utilise the latest firmware (version 2.12 which is available here) There are lots of ways to do this but this worked for me first time: Download the free Midi-Ox software and install it on your PC... Continue Reading →

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