Using a Behringer Motor with FL Studio in Mackie Control Mode (enhanced)

So having access to this keyboard I wondered if there were opportunities connected with the new scripting capability in FL Studio to resurrect and maybe improve on its' functionality. This DAW controller turned a lot of heads on its release and is the only keyboard (to my knowledge) with a built in set of motorised... Continue Reading →

Forcing the jog dial on a Mackie Controller to always use the playlist window in FL Studio

This is a matter of personal preference but I always want to move through the playlist (or scrub it) and find it an inconvenience to have to select this window first! This script "tweak" always selects the playlist window when you use the jog dial. (If you don't have the Playlist Window open the song... Continue Reading →

The You Essay (2020)

So down in London, back in the 80's I was in a band and we all enjoyed doing the usual band like things, writing songs, rehearsing, drinking and the odd gig.  At some stage I think our real lives caught up to us and for me this was the time I moved to Gloucestershire and... Continue Reading →

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