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Cherry Audio Lowdown “Moog Taurus” Plugin Mapping – FLKey

This new script means that all “VPOTS” (knobs) on the FLKey keyboards are now “automagically” mapped to logical parameters within the plugins themselves (without requiring any user setup beyond the initial instalation) – now including the newly released “Lowdown”:

The “Lowdown” (Moog Taurus)

The Lowdown Bass Synthesizer recreates the super-fat, room-rattling sounds of the most legendary dual-oscillator bass pedal synth ever made, the Moog Taurus. Back in the 70’s The Taurus had originally been designed by Moog as part of a trio of synthesizers called the Constellation. This portion, operated via foot pedals similar to church pipe organs, handled bass duties. The Taurus’ hands-free operation provided (usually guitar-driven) songs a bass synthesizer part without requiring another band member!

The Taurus was quickly adopted in the 70s by progressive rock bands like Rush and Genesis, and also by pop-punk bands such as U2 and the Police. There are stories of unoccupied tables and chairs walking themselves across the floor in response to the Taurus’ rumbling which quickly cemented its legacy.

NB Additionally I notice that the newly improved Mini Moog (pitch bend update) implementation comes with a new reference which I have also added for completeness (the two references being “Miniverse” and “Minimode”, both are now catered for in the Python script)

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