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Does the GForce Oberheim SEM have permanent parameter linking to the Novation FLKey keyboard series?

I was only 14 when this was released in 1974 so, like many of us, it completely passed me by. But now, with the release of this “official” plugin I have had the chance to explore it and also to set up permanent (default) links for Novations FLKey series of keyboards for FL Studio which I am outlining in the post 🙂

The idea here is to offer the “most useful” parameters at your fingertips via the 8 VPOTS on the FLkey keyboards. To do this I have taken a leaf from Rolands Zenology and look to offer the following as defaults for each VPOT:

  1. Cutoff
  2. Resonance
  3. Attack
  4. Release /Decay
  5. Vibrato
  6. Effect 1 (Delay)
  7. Effect 2 (Reverb)
  8. Relative level.

It’s worth starting with this excellent overview of the original SEM and its new plugin descendent:

The SEM in use using the FLkey 37 keyboard:

One of the nice things about the FLkey 37 (and larger) keyboards is the naming of each paparmeter on the LCD – while it is useful to have the pseudo-standard set of parameters (as outlined above) sometimes they are not approriate and being able to see specific mapping names can be a god send when you are working at full tilt (as an example VPOTS 6 and 7 – the “effect” mappings are named specifically as “Delay” and “Reverb” for the SEM, likewise, many early sysnths do not have a full ADSR envelope and in this case the Decay stands in for the Release position on the standard VPOTs

I enjoyed playing with the SEM and I look forward to having the opportunity to link other GForce plugins to the Novation FLkey keyboards!

In the meantime, The Oberheim SEM plugin can be downloaded (a trial is available) from:


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