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Automating Softube Plugin Instruments for the Novation FLKey series of keyboards

At the time of writing, Softube has two magnificent Plugin Instruments that were crying out to be added to the automatic automation that can be achieved using Python scripting in FL Studio for this set of keyboards.

Model 72 (MiniMoog Model “D” from 1972)

Quite possibly the best emulation of a MiniMoog which also benefits from some nice extras including a rich “doubling” switch (makes any sound even “phatter”!) and great effects.

Model 84 (Roland Juno 106 from 1984)

Like the Model 72 the Juno emulation is first-rate with authenticity at the fore. This is reflected both in the sounds and in the plugin graphics – right down to the “sweaty fingerprints” and nicotine-stained keyboard!

Both these plugins can be downloaded here:

The script to automate these plugins is completely free and can be downloaded here:

(The latest version is in the last post and installation instructions in the first)

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