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REVERB = Gear + Free plugins +++

So we all know Reverb as the smartest place to buy and sell music related gear, but perhaps we didn’t realise that they also host a bunch of great free plugins? Here I look at their synth collection and wire up automate the mapping of each plugin’s key sonic parameters to the FLKey keyboard from Novation.

Two of the synths from this bundle have been added to the FLKey script such that the FLKey VPots will automap to 8 key parameters of each synth with no additional work required by the user. Nice!

Roland JX-8P (PG-8X)

A great JX-8P pluigin that faithfully mimics the original hardware at the same time as making editing of sounds a breeze. Nice!

(I’m also going to be testing this to program my own hardware JX-8P in an upcoming video)

Crystal Synthesizer

A relatively simple and effective way to program this type of multi-voice sound where voices can be mixed together easily over time during the configurable envelope triggered on each key press. Very effective!


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