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The impact of placement of your YouTube videos

While the figures are still very modest the graph above shows the difference of highlighting one of your YouTube videos to the relevent audience. Over the weekend the video which was about the automatic manipulation of Cherry Audio plugins with the Novation FLKey keyboards, which had previously only managed to attract 50 views, got a considerable boost of interest after being featured on the Cherry Audio web site and newsletter. The video was picked up by Cherry after being mentioned in another post about the new Jupiter 4 plugout from Roland (Cherry already has a great plugin of the Jupiter 4 called the “Mercury 4” – see below).

The newsletter (left) and Web Site (right) with links to the video (captured on my phone)

I already have a Roland Cloud subscription so will be comparing the two plugins in another post – but I have to say that the Cherry version (featured and automated for Novation FLKey keyboards in the accompaning video) definitely wins out on value alone – it is currently available as a “lifetime purchase” for only $39 (vs the Roland at $99)! It is ,in my opionion, a “no brainer” purchase 🙂

The Cherry “Mercury 4” plugin of the legenadary Roland Jupiter 4

The Cherry Jupiter 4 plugin – currently available for just $39 (click on the above image to view on the Cherry web site)

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