Adding Dynamic Track Numbers to the second line of a Behringer X-Touch (plus extenders)

This is pretty rough and ready but it is a nice addition that I personally find can save me a fraction of a second 'here and there' in my FL Studio workflow, especially when banking through tracks in a large project. NB I am hoping that one of the excellent FL studio team will pick... Continue Reading →

Hanging a large TV on the wall “without wires showing”

The wall in question (removing a picture revealed the power supply, albeit one from a light fitting) Assuming that I am competent with a drill and can manage the TV mounting bracket here are the main issues: Power to the TVAudio out from the TV into my existing 5.1 amplifierCoaxial connection for standard TV signal... Continue Reading →

The You Essay (2020)

So down in London, back in the 80's I was in a band and we all enjoyed doing the usual band like things, writing songs, rehearsing, drinking and the odd gig.¬† At some stage I think our real lives caught up to us and for me this was the time I moved to Gloucestershire and... Continue Reading →

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