Sourcing the best client to control your DAW with Touch Portal

So having established how useful I believe the "Touch Portal" app will be in my personal music workflow I decided I wanted to have a dedicated "client" positioned alongside my Control Surface to take over duties (for the most part) from my phone. Credit to the developers they have bean able to maintain compatibility with... Continue Reading →

SSL UF8 360 Technology – How can I get that for my own Control Surface & DAW?

So I have to say hats off to SSL for moving the DAW control surface forward with the UF8 (albeit while keeping one foot firmly in our Mackie compatible past). The UF8 is a delight to use and the integration of one aspect of the 360 software - keyboard macros "on steroids" -is executed really... Continue Reading →

My Ideal Control Surface for DAWs

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat to fellow musician Nadir Omowale earlier this week and it got me thinking about what I would like to see in my "ideal control surface". The introduction of scripting in some of the DAWs (notably, but not exclusively FL Studio) is starting to result in... Continue Reading →

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