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Paypal funds transfer from UK Bank Accounts?

I thought I would reproduce this here as I am seeing it take 6 or 7 days for transfers leaving my bank account to appear in my Paypal account. The answer given here is to my mind unacceptable.Perhaps by continually highlighting this issue, we can hope to force Paypal to change its approach, which currently... Continue Reading →

A Brief History of Mackie MCU Compatible Control Surfaces:

A quick rundown through the years showing "unique features" that the manufacturer (supposedly) thought they were introducing into the market with their product in that year. it is amazing to think that in the last 20 years, the Mackie MCU standard has remained the defacto standard and that the original product (the first Control Surface... Continue Reading →

REVERB = Gear + Free plugins +++

So we all know Reverb as the smartest place to buy and sell music related gear, but perhaps we didn't realise that they also host a bunch of great free plugins? Here I look at their synth collection and wire up automate the mapping of each plugin's key sonic parameters to the FLKey keyboard from... Continue Reading →

SSL Nucleus 1 Resources

Just in case this helps someone. I found that the SSL Nucleus 2 software takes care of most of the installation of the Nucleus 1 under Windows (ie Control Surface and Soft Keys) but that as a result of the Nucleus 2 using "Dante" you need to go back to the older (ie Nucleus 1)... Continue Reading →

Cherry Audio Lowdown “Moog Taurus” Plugin Mapping – FLKey

This new script means that all "VPOTS" (knobs) on the FLKey keyboards are now "automagically" mapped to logical parameters within the plugins themselves (without requiring any user setup beyond the initial instalation) - now including the newly released "Lowdown": The "Lowdown" (Moog Taurus) The Lowdown Bass Synthesizer recreates the super-fat, room-rattling sounds of the most legendary... Continue Reading →

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