Novation FLkey – What are the free plugins like?

Having bought both the FLKey mini (for Laptop use) and FLkey 37 (Home Studio use) I finally got around to looking at the free instrument plugins! I was a little surprised that these plugins were not auto-linked up to the FLKey in the same way that the native instruments are but I have corrected that... Continue Reading →

Best Free Instrument Plugins from Computer Music (Part 2)

Featured plugins: UH-E BazilleDmitry Sches ThornCable Guys CurveSeaweed Audio Fathom Just to recap, Computer Music covers the setup and use of these plugins in the magazine (with some great free downloads and videos available as well) - this post then covers hardware-based control of these plugins which I hope is of use to some :-)... Continue Reading →

Asus VivoTab Smart (Intel Atom, Windows 8)

The VivoTab Smart  is a tablet PC running full Windows 8 on an Intel Atom (Clover Trail) processor.  It compares in size to a Microsoft Surface RT device although it is actually  slightly smaller (same screen dimensions) and feels lighter in the hand (which I wasn’t expecting). The specs say that the Asus is 580g... Continue Reading →

Silverlight Hosting

I thought it would be cool to use my silverlight hosting account to show some of the photos of the Remix event in Madrid.   New to Silverlight I thought I would kick off with something pretty easy and I took the code for the 'Silverlight Surface' demo app and proceeded to modify the background to include thew... Continue Reading →

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