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Novation FLkey – What are the free plugins like?

Having bought both the FLKey mini (for Laptop use) and FLkey 37 (Home Studio use) I finally got around to looking at the free instrument plugins! I was a little surprised that these plugins were not auto-linked up to the FLKey in the same way that the native instruments are but I have corrected that with the script linked at the bottom of this post (and I am not really complaining as the scripting support between FLS and the FLKeys is already exceptional!)

Lounge Lizard Session 4 (Classic Session Piano)

This reminded me of the session piano that Billy Preston famously played in the Get Back sessions for the Beatles – fabulous!!
Billy Preston plays “session piano” on “Don’t Let Me Down”

Strum Session 2 (Session Guitarist)

My immediate thoughts were of Bob Dylan and Classic Byrds guitar(s) – nicely done!

I am thinking classic Emmerson Lake and Palmer Synthesizer! (Don’t shoot me but I found the default patch quite inspiring!)


These instruments can be downloaded for free from here once you register your FLKEY

The script to facilitate permanent automation of these instruments can be downloaded from here if you are a registered user of FL Studio (TIP: always go to the latest posting to get the latest version!)


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