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A Brief History of Mackie MCU Compatible Control Surfaces:

A quick rundown through the years showing "unique features" that the manufacturer (supposedly) thought they were introducing into the market with their product in that year. it is amazing to think that in the last 20 years, the Mackie MCU standard has remained the defacto standard and that the original product (the first Control Surface... Continue Reading →

SSL Nucleus 1 Resources

Just in case this helps someone. I found that the SSL Nucleus 2 software takes care of most of the installation of the Nucleus 1 under Windows (ie Control Surface and Soft Keys) but that as a result of the Nucleus 2 using "Dante" you need to go back to the older (ie Nucleus 1)... Continue Reading →

Mackie MCU – Updating Firmware (PC)

I have an original Mackie MCU (not the pro) that was displaying "version 2.0" on booting. I wanted to utilise the latest firmware (version 2.12 which is available here) There are lots of ways to do this but this worked for me first time: Download the free Midi-Ox software and install it on your PC... Continue Reading →

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