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“Rude Solo” to “Rude Selected Track” \\:-)

So the original Mackie Controllers all have a “rude solo” light which is described in the manual as follows:

“If you work on a mixer that has a SOLO function with no indicator lights, and you happen to forget you’re in SOLO, you can easily be tricked into thinking that some-thing is wrong with your mixer. Hence the RUDE SOLOLIGHT. It’s especially handy at about 3:00 in the morning, when no sound is coming out of your monitors, even though your multitrack is playing back like mad.”

“Rude Solos” probably are not quite as big an event these days but it’s nice to have that light just in case!

“Rude Selected Track”

All that said leads me to the meat of this post: Nowadays we only ever have 8 (or 16 if we are lucky) physical tracks immediately in front of us and it can sometimes be an annoyance not being able to see the selected track (particularly when manipulating plugins on the control surface when it can become really important!). So unless we happen to have an ICON QCON Pro X – with it’s dual displays that can show this kind of thing (your DAW experience may vary) then is there anything we can do to help ourselves?

the answer is, of course, yes, if you happen to be an FL Studio user! my work on the script for the Pro X and my previous post about using a “master” MCU as an extender got me thinking about what could be done if you only have a single control surface and are always looking at a window of 8 tracks?

I had a bit of a eureka moment when I was looking at the time display, and in particular the “Frames/Ticks” element of it – and I wondered if I could harness that segment of the display (which I don’t personally make use of but is in any event more accurately reflected in the DAW UI) and simply use it to always show the currently selected track. And guess what?

The fruits of this will, of course, end up in the scripting area of the Image Line forums and I will update this post accordingly, but for now, here it is in action – with the usual apologies for my less that steller camera work) \\:-)

Update: here it is-

(Sorry for drifting “off context” a little there – but you hopefully get the idea \\:-)

And here is the same “mod” working on an X-Touch and Extender:


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