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FL Studio 20 – Steinberg FD Control Surface

So via the wonders of Scripting, it is possible to get great use out of products that were never really intended for consumption by FL studio. The Steinberg FD Control Surface is such a product and actually makes good sense if you are a musician with a laptop and a penchant for small spaces!

See the source image

The FD has 4 faders and 5 buttons and the following functionality is at your fingertips as a result:

  • Track Selection of any track in FL Studio (including master)
  • Volume Control of any track *
  • Muting of any track
  • Soloing any track
  • Marker Selection in the Song/Playlist (Next and Previous)

So while not as comprehensive a selection as available on larger control surfaces this nevertheless is a useful set of features to have at your fingertips and makes the FD (a small device around the size of a 7″ tablet) a handy bit of kit to have in your arsenal.

Here it is being set up and in use:

You can download the script from the FL Studio web site here:


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