Euphonix / AVID MC Mix Control Surface with FL Studio

After installing the Eucon Client service and the “EU Control” it was relatively easy to get the Mix working over an ethernet connection to my PC (literally just an ethernet cable from the back of my PC into the back of the Mix).

The Control software for the mix and other AVID/Euphonix devices

I should start by saying that this device does not inherently support FL Studio – but that it does have support for the MCU protocol – as does FL Studio – which allows an acceptable (but not optimal) user experience.

In the video below I show the basic setup with FL and do a quick walk through of the main functionality:

Size wise it is similar to the SSL UF8 and shares the same lack of dedicated transport controls (a seperate device handles the main transport and adds a further 4 faders). That said, like the UF8 basic transport features can be easily accessed and prove to be quite workable, though obviously slightly compromised.

The unit has a modern aesthetic bellying it’s age (it was first introduced in 2008 though has had a number of firmware updates since then). It primarily targets the Eucon protocol but also has support for HUI and Mackie Control protocols (of which Mackie is being used here). It’s a small and tidy device with a nice clear display, though no built in meters.

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