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The impact of placement of your YouTube videos

While the figures are still very modest the graph above shows the difference of highlighting one of your YouTube videos to the relevent audience. Over the weekend the video which was about the automatic manipulation of Cherry Audio plugins with the Novation FLKey keyboards, which had previously only managed to attract 50 views, got a... Continue Reading →

Better than Sex and Oprah Winfrey …

… but not as hot as Windows 8? After just a week in the store ‘Learn Piano’ has managed to climb to the fourth position in the Windows Store Lifestyle category putting it above the Kama sutra and Oprah! In terms of downloads this app has now had a little over 2,000.  What makes this... Continue Reading →

Tip – Marketing Your Windows 8 Apps

When it comes to submitting your Windows 8 Apps there is quite a list of marketing graphics that you can submit: Click the image to Enlarge The only mandatory one is the 416x180. It occurred to me that this size would be great on a T-Shirt.  Happily Vistaprint in the UK are currently doing an... Continue Reading →

Filtering your wp7 App Hub Data in Excel

With the new update to the App Hub comes the option to download your data for offline analysis. One of the most effective ways to do this is also one of the quickest.  Utilise two of Excels’ built in analysis features – “autosum” and “autofilter” by following the following two videos which show this can... Continue Reading →

Goblin Harvest!

I have teamed up with Ian Williams (of Textise.Net and the Textise App fame) to work on a Windows Phone 7.1 strategy game to be called ‘Goblin Harvest’.  It’s my first real collaborative experience working on Windows Phone and I am pretty excited about it. After several lengthy sessions (yes, down the pub) to hammer... Continue Reading →

Marketing Your Apps – Gorilla Tactics

In this on-going post I am highlighting marketing tactics of a ‘questionable’ nature. No 1.  “The XBOX Live Tile” Long before the Marketplace and Windows Phones became publicly available I had a meeting with a Microsoft evangelist and enquired about the use of “XBOX live” in one of my apps (“Shove Ha’penny”).  I wanted to... Continue Reading →

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