DigiDesign / Focusrite Command 8 Motorised Control Surface for Avid Pro Tools

The Digidesign Command 8, as a piece of technology, is now pretty old, however, as was the case with a lot of things in those days, it was well built and many still function well even today - and, perhaps best of all, it still a lot going for it! What many don't realise is... Continue Reading →

Using a Behringer Compact Control Surface with FL Studio in Mackie Control Mode (enhanced)

So following on from my exploits with the Motor I have got my hands on the excellent Behringer X-Touch (compact) and I wondered if there were similar opportunities connected with the new scripting capability in FL Studio and the work I had done on the MOTOR keyboard. So my plan is to cover the following:... Continue Reading →

FL Studio Keys – on a budget!

So I have looked at the bespoke keyboards for FL Studio - they look great but are a little pricey at around £79 -£99 so I did a bit more digging and came up with something similar - a Bluetooth keyboard with matching shortcut overlay for a little under £25! The picture above shows what... Continue Reading →

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