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The impact of placement of your YouTube videos

While the figures are still very modest the graph above shows the difference of highlighting one of your YouTube videos to the relevent audience. Over the weekend the video which was about the automatic manipulation of Cherry Audio plugins with the Novation FLKey keyboards, which had previously only managed to attract 50 views, got a... Continue Reading →

App Sales on the Windows Platform

Something strange has been going on with my Windows Phone and App store downloads. Windows Store App Sales So not a very inspiring story but this graph shows sales revenue (not ad revenue) for Apps between April and June this year.  The graph shows a regular income from App sales of between £5 and £10... Continue Reading →

Windows Store Download Stats.

So after a very flat and uninspiring period after the launch of Windows 8 looking at my own stats today it is clear that things have started to change over the last Month or so - with a steep increase in downloads (which now total in excess of 37,000) Hopefully this increase will continue a... Continue Reading →

Live Tile News – Download Stats

“Live Tile News” had a very favourable review on the BBC’s technology program “Click” last week and I have had a lot of questions around the impact on downloads. The first chart shows downloads for April – with the healthy spike being a result of the coverage received. The second chart is specific to “Live... Continue Reading →

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