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Novation FLKey / Arturia Minilab 3 – Plugin Support

The following is a growing list of third-party instrument plugins that have "automagic" mapping to the VPOTS on the Novation FLKey and Arturia Gen3 series of keyboards for FL Studio (There are now over 100!) What's so great about it?You don't need to tell your keyboard which plugin you are using - it already knows,... Continue Reading →

Does the GForce Oberheim SEM have permanent parameter linking to the Novation FLKey keyboard series?

I was only 14 when this was released in 1974 so, like many of us, it completely passed me by. But now, with the release of this "official" plugin I have had the chance to explore it and also to set up permanent (default) links for Novations FLKey series of keyboards for FL Studio which... Continue Reading →

Cherry Audio Lowdown “Moog Taurus” Plugin Mapping – FLKey

This new script means that all "VPOTS" (knobs) on the FLKey keyboards are now "automagically" mapped to logical parameters within the plugins themselves (without requiring any user setup beyond the initial instalation) - now including the newly released "Lowdown": The "Lowdown" (Moog Taurus) The Lowdown Bass Synthesizer recreates the super-fat, room-rattling sounds of the most legendary... Continue Reading →

The impact of placement of your YouTube videos

While the figures are still very modest the graph above shows the difference of highlighting one of your YouTube videos to the relevent audience. Over the weekend the video which was about the automatic manipulation of Cherry Audio plugins with the Novation FLKey keyboards, which had previously only managed to attract 50 views, got a... Continue Reading →

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