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FL Studio – MacBook Air M1 (2021) vs Macbook Air (2019)

So I love FL Studio but I am curious about the 3D sound options that come with the latest version of Logic Pro X so I thought I would try a change in the workflow – still composing in FL Studio but then exporting stems to Logic for Mastering.


After my previous test with the Mac Mini M1, I wondered how the previous (intel-based) generation of the Macbook Air would fare against the latest M1-based model.

Here are the two machines I am using for this comparison:

(My thinking is that if the older Intel machine performs as well as the latest M1 laptop then I will keep that and sell the M1 Macbook on). I should add that I am not bothered about battery life as they will not be leaving my studio (I would expect the M1 Macbook to flounce the Intel on battery life)

Here is what I found (no surprises here). Interesting to note that as far as the FL studio performance meter is concerned my 5-year-old Windows 10 based i5 desktop is still the king (see my last post).

NB I will follow this up with a post about my 360 findings “in due course” \\:-)

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