Best Free Instrument Plugins from Computer Music (Part 2)

Featured plugins: UH-E BazilleDmitry Sches ThornCable Guys CurveSeaweed Audio Fathom Just to recap, Computer Music covers the setup and use of these plugins in the magazine (with some great free downloads and videos available as well) - this post then covers hardware-based control of these plugins which I hope is of use to some :-)... Continue Reading →

Which is the Best Laptop for Fl Studio?

The answer is probably the one you already have ;-). But if you are thinking of an upgrade perhaps you are on the lookout, as I was recently and wondered if there is any Laptop that stands out when used with FL Studio? Having used many PCs and Laptops, alongside Control Surfaces and other supporting... Continue Reading →

‘Dude with a cool haircut’ Smiley Face \\:-)

Perhaps my biggest achievement to date - I have invented a cool new Smiley Face! (at least until someone tells me I haven't \\;-)) Update:Also home of the official Dr Who Smiley Face (Matt Smith Era) #DrWho #MattSmith\\:-)X The Cowboy: -):-) The sixties chick: @@:-) And the Cheeky Monkey::-@

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