FLKey – How many third party plugin instruments have specific parameter mapping support?

The following is a growing list of third-party instrument plugins that have "automagic" mapping to the VPOTS on the Novation FLKey series of keyboards for FL Studio (hint: there are now over 50!) CHERRY AUDIO Elka-X https://youtu.be/Zb_MTHoc2J8 Juno 106 Dream Synth Mercury 4 (Roland Jupiter 4) Mini Mode (Mini Moog) Quadra Surrealistic The “Lowdown” (Moog Taurus)... Continue Reading →

REVERB = Gear + Free plugins +++

So we all know Reverb as the smartest place to buy and sell music related gear, but perhaps we didn't realise that they also host a bunch of great free plugins? Here I look at their synth collection and wire up automate the mapping of each plugin's key sonic parameters to the FLKey keyboard from... Continue Reading →

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