DigiDesign / Focusrite Command 8 Control Surface with FL Studio?

While playing with this controller (see previous post) one of the things I noticed was that it has a separate midi mode "stand alone mode". I wondered if this would work with FL studio and while nowhere near as complete as the Pro Tools implementation for which it was made, it does have enough functionality... Continue Reading →

Waves NX Ocean Way Plugin – Review

So this plugin appears to be being pushed hard at the moment so I thought I would give it a listen and give my initial thoughts using it from within FL Studio (through a pair of "neutral" Surface Headphones). First off I thought I would look at the officially supported headphones - I don't have... Continue Reading →

What are these birds doing?

So I happened to be down the end of our garden this morning when I spotted these two. They carried on like this for several minutes (I have more footage!). At first I assumed that they had found something that they were both eating but then they moved around the garden performing similar moves -... Continue Reading →

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