Is now the time to replace my aging PC Music setup with an Apple M1 Mac Mini?

So my current setup for music has served me well for almost 5 years: HP Omen Desktop PC (released in February 2017), i5-7400, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD (more details here for those interested) However, I have noticed recently that it has been struggling on some of my larger projects and I am starting to think... Continue Reading →

Sourcing the best client to control your DAW with Touch Portal

So having established how useful I believe the "Touch Portal" app will be in my personal music workflow I decided I wanted to have a dedicated "client" positioned alongside my Control Surface to take over duties (for the most part) from my phone. Credit to the developers they have bean able to maintain compatibility with... Continue Reading →

‘Dude with a cool haircut’ Smiley Face \\:-)

Perhaps my biggest achievement to date - I have invented a cool new Smiley Face! (at least until someone tells me I haven't \\;-)) Update:Also home of the official Dr Who Smiley Face (Matt Smith Era) #DrWho #MattSmith\\:-)X The Cowboy: -):-) The sixties chick: @@:-) And the Cheeky Monkey::-@

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