Windows 95 (for Windows 10 and mac)

Now 25 years old an enterprising developer has been recreating the UI and functionality of this classic O/S as a runnable App.Its an on-going project but has reached a level of maturity that makes it worth a look for anyone curious to try it! Go on - give it a go, you know you want... Continue Reading →

The You Essay (1930’s and 1940’s)

So at some point after my Father retired he told me a story about when he was on one of his holidays with my Mum and the guide made reference to recounting early childhood memories (detail below) - this got my Dad thinking and when he returned he decided to recount his own - this... Continue Reading →

What are these birds doing?

So I happened to be down the end of our garden this morning when I spotted these two. They carried on like this for several minutes (I have more footage!). At first I assumed that they had found something that they were both eating but then they moved around the garden performing similar moves -... Continue Reading →

Changing a Sit On Mower Cutting Blade

Although I have had this mower professionally serviced before now it has always been quite a long winded (and expensive) operation involving the service centre ("Cheltenham Mowers") dispatching a van to both pick up and then re-deliver the mower after the work has been done. On this occasion the mower blade had become warped as... Continue Reading →

Creating a Vegetable Patch

Another Covid-19 project - we have a large area in our garden that some 25 years ago was indeed a vegetable patch but has now got so hopelessly overgrown that it cannot be described as anything anymore. I decided to see if I could turn a piece of it into a new vegetable patch and... Continue Reading →

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