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Magic Leap 1 Creator Edition – Problems Registering?

So there are a few Magic Leap 1’s on the market at the moment at some good prices (expect to pay around £500 for one that is in good condition – quite a comedown from the original £2,000 asking price!).

I picked up one of these and after charging it up it took me through basic setup but when it came to registering (by entering the 6 number digit that it emailed me during this process) I ran in to the following text:

We’re having trouble connecting. Your device is not registered. Please contact Customer Care

Now for sure, you can do just that but if you want to save yourself a little time then the solution is simple – just enter the serial number of your device (you can find it on the bottom of your box) on the following page, read the instructions there and download the latest firmware for your device:

In a few seconds the flash process will begin and look something like this while in progress:

(The “Flashing” stage is quite slow!)



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