‘Dude with a cool haircut’ Smiley Face \\:-)

Perhaps my biggest achievement to date - I have invented a cool new Smiley Face! (at least until someone tells me I haven't \\;-)) Update:Also home of the official Dr Who Smiley Face (Matt Smith Era) #DrWho #MattSmith\\:-)X The Cowboy: -):-) The sixties chick: @@:-) And the Cheeky Monkey::-@

The SSL UF8 Control Surface with FL Studio – The SSL 360 “Soft keys”

I hadn't anticipated that this would be quite so easy to use so thought I would do this second post just to show this functionality in FL Studio as it stands now. Essentially it is the same as with the supported DAWs and might just be the stand out feature of the UF8! I can... Continue Reading →

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