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Which is the Best Laptop for Fl Studio?

The answer is probably the one you already have ;-). But if you are thinking of an upgrade perhaps you are on the lookout, as I was recently and wondered if there is any Laptop that stands out when used with FL Studio? Having used many PCs and Laptops, alongside Control Surfaces and other supporting hardware this was the question that I recently tackled.

Once raw horsepower is taken out of the equation (there is a minimum specification that will do this for most music makers today – and happily, the bar is not set too high either these days).

I stumbled first upon an unusual Laptop that included an enhanced touchpad, that could also operate as a separate screen:

The Dual Screen Asus Laptop

This lead me to the same Companies “Duo Devices” which come in two flavours – a “standard” 14 dual screen Laptop and a “Pro” 15″ Laptop. I have tried both and am happy to report that they both stand up well.
My video review covers the whole range in terms of it’s functionality with FL Studio – and, as can be seen, the most important feature is the docking of the Mixer across the second screen – providing a valuable extra piece of screen real-estate without having to worry about plugging in a second screen when on the move!

FL Studio running on an ASUS Zenbook Duo device.

UPDATE: April 2020

I loved this laptop so much that I upgraded to the 15.6″ pro model:

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