“Poorly” Roland D-70 from Facebook Marketplace – Fixed!

The follow up to Roland's classic D-50 I had been keen to take a look at exactly what a "Super L.A. Synthesis" Synthesizer  can do for some time .... Symptoms were the classic "No RAM Card" and also loss of internal pre-sets as a result of a dead internal CMOS battery (but little did I... Continue Reading →

Projecting a VST (or any other component) to a second PC from within your DAW

If you have any old Windows laptop or tablet running Windows 10 then this can be a real lifesaver and give you extra "real estate" for your DAW. In the above image I am sharing my Jupiter 8 (Roland Cloud VST) from FL Studio 20 onto a spare PC - a bonus being because the... Continue Reading →


"Get a Concert orchestra for your pocket" Ever wanted to try and Orchestrate, Record and Playback your own musical compositions on your phone?  If you are the least bit curious now is your chance! Featuring 48 top class samples taken from a typical orchestra with full control over pitch, positioning and volume of each note... Continue Reading →

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