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Using Drum Kits from a Roland MC-101 or MC-707 from within FL Studio

FL Studio already has a great “MPC -like” drum editor called the FPC (more info here) but this uses the drum samples that sit on your hard drive so what happens if you want to utilise the kits from an MC-101 – and specifically audition the kits at Mix Down to see if other kits are more effective in your song?

Happily there is an easy way to do this. My own methodology is as follows:

  1. Use the functionality (and your favoured kit) to do your composition work by adding the FPC control to your Channel Rack
a basic 4 to the floor – here shown in the FPC step editor.

2. When it comes to mix down simply replace the FPC in your channel rack with a “Midi Out” control – set up in a similar manner to my last post (making sure to select the MC-101 track that you use for drums).

You can now use the “value” rotary dial on your MC-101 on your drum track to audition all the kits as you listen to your mix in FL Studio.


NB If you subsequently want to make changes to the beats themselves you can do so in the Piano Roll editor – or, if you prefer, replace the Midi Out control with the FPC control in your channel rack and make the changes in the FPC)

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