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What do all the knobs do on the SSL UC1?

The Basics As you might expect from a pedigree that dates back decades there is a lot to consider when using the UC-1. To make things simple and for the purposes of brevity I have included links that explain some of the technical terminology that has grown up around the naming of the knobs (highlighted... Continue Reading →

Auto-Manipulation of the free BLEAS Monolit Plugin

What is this post about? Ever wanted your plugins to automagically map to those vpots (knobs) on your keyboard midi comtroller? Well now you can have your wish! The Monolit is a great addition to the wealth of third party plugins that now work in this way using the python additions to the core scripts... Continue Reading →

Cherry Audio Lowdown “Moog Taurus” Plugin Mapping – FLKey

This new script means that all "VPOTS" (knobs) on the FLKey keyboards are now "automagically" mapped to logical parameters within the plugins themselves (without requiring any user setup beyond the initial instalation) - now including the newly released "Lowdown": The "Lowdown" (Moog Taurus) The Lowdown Bass Synthesizer recreates the super-fat, room-rattling sounds of the most legendary... Continue Reading →

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