DigiDesign / Focusrite Command 8 Control Surface with FL Studio?

While playing with this controller (see previous post) one of the things I noticed was that it has a separate midi mode “stand alone mode”. I wondered if this would work with FL studio and while nowhere near as complete as the Pro Tools implementation for which it was made, it does have enough functionality to make it attractive – and at the right price on the second hand market! 🙂

The transport controls work straight out of the box and once I had done some very straightforward multi-linking to the controllers (faders and V-Pots) I got something worthwhile. An unexpected bonus was the banking functionality which allowed me to link 16 tracks, using the bank button to switch between the two banks of 8 -nice! I saved my configuration to the Command 8’s flash memory (again, a very straightforward process) and now I have a controller that doesn’t lose it’s memory when switched off so it’s always ready to go for my next FL Studio session!

I suspect it would be possible use FL Studio’s scripting functionality to eek yet more usability out of this device – something to play about with on another day methinks (I am supposed to be writing music!!).

Here is a quick demo of “pre-scripting” functionality, pretty sweet!

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