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Setting up a Windows 11 personal account on a (Corporate) Surface Device

Corporate laptops may have their own bespoke login which, at first glance, can be difficult to utilise with a personal account. However, the following steps will route the laptop to a full setup with a personal (ie a non-corporate) local or if desired, a “fully online” account (usually by utilising your Microsoft account email address). Here are the instructions for doing both:

1. Creating a local account.
⦁ Reset the computer from Settings->Recovery->Reset PC
⦁ If prompted to connect to the internet choose the option not to do so
⦁ Proceed with the “limited setup” (If prompted do not connect to the internet at this time)
⦁ Create a local account “user” (you may add a password or not at your own discretion)
⦁ NB At all times complete the setup allowing the computer to reboot if it so wishes (possibly multiple times).

2. Now create a full online personal account
⦁ Go to Settings->Accounts->Your Info and follow the instructions after clicking on “Sign in with a Microsoft account instead”

NOTE: If you find that you have inadvertently ended up at a corporate login screen you will need to reset your device using the instructions on this page:

and create a local account using step 1 above, before (optionally) creating an online account (step 2 above).

You should now register your device with Microsoft at (though, strictly speaking, this is optional)

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