Adding Dynamic Track Numbers to the second line of a Behringer X-Touch (plus extenders)

This is pretty rough and ready but it is a nice addition that I personally find can save me a fraction of a second ‘here and there’ in my FL Studio workflow, especially when banking through tracks in a large project.

NB I am hoping that one of the excellent FL studio team will pick up on this and maybe “do it properly” πŸ™‚

With apologies for the shaky camera

Here is the Python to replace if you want to try this:

	def UpdateTextDisplay(self):
		s1 = ''
		s2 = ''
		for m in range(0, len(self.ColT) - 1):
			s = ''
			sa= ''
			if self.Page == MackieCUPage_Free:
				s = '  ' + utils.Zeros(self.ColT[m].TrackNum + 1, 2, ' ')
				s = mixer.getTrackName(self.ColT[m].TrackNum, 6)
			sa='   '+str(self.ColT[m].TrackNum)+' '
			for n in range(1, 7 - len(s) + 1):
				s = s + ' '
			for n in range(1, 7 - len(sa) + 1):
				sa = sa +' '
			s1 = s1 + s
			s2 = s2 + sa
		# now add the track numbers:
		self.TempMsgT[0] = s1+s2
		if self.CurMeterMode == 0:
			if self.TempMsgCount == 0:
			self.SendMsg(s1, 1)

UPDATE: 23/01/2021: Fixed the issue where updates didn’t occur in play mode correctly and also removed “Track” text as believe it is now superfluous πŸ™‚


I noticed that a change made to the main script breaks this functionality with the inclusion of the GetSplitMarksfunction – unfortunately this is always going to be the case unless the main script is “open sourced” into something like GITHUB

NB if you want to overcome this simply remove GetSplitMarks and all the references to it ( it actually fixes an issue with the second line of the scribble strips that is already fixed by the functionality in this post – my bad for not checking this before now, sorry!).

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