Adding Dynamic Track Numbers to the second line of a Behringer X-Touch (plus extenders)

This is pretty rough and ready but it is a nice addition that I personally find can save me a fraction of a second ‘here and there’ in my FL Studio workflow, especially when banking through tracks in a large project.

NB I am hoping that one of the excellent FL studio team will pick up on this and maybe “do it properly” 🙂

With apologies for the shaky camera

Here is the Python to replace if you want to try this:

		def UpdateTextDisplay(self):
		s1 = ''
		s2 = ''
		for m in range(0, len(self.ColT) - 1):
			s = ''
			sa= ''
			if self.Page == MackieCUPage_Free:
				s = '  ' + utils.Zeros(self.ColT[m].TrackNum + 1, 2, ' ')
				s = mixer.getTrackName(self.ColT[m].TrackNum, 6)
			sa='   '+str(self.ColT[m].TrackNum)+' '
			for n in range(1, 7 - len(s) + 1):
				s = s + ' '
			for n in range(1, 7 - len(sa) + 1):
				sa = sa +' '
			s1 = s1 + s
			s2 = s2 + sa
		# now add the track numbers:
		self.TempMsgT[0] = s1+s2
		if self.CurMeterMode == 0:
			if self.TempMsgCount == 0:
			self.SendMsg(s1, 1)

UPDATE: 23/01/2021: Fixed the issue where updates didn’t occur in play mode correctly and also removed “Track” text as believe it is now superfluous

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