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Setting up a Windows 11 personal account on a (Corporate) Surface Device

Corporate laptops may have their own bespoke login which, at first glance, can be difficult to utilise with a personal account. However, the following steps will route the laptop to a full setup with a personal (ie a non-corporate) local or if desired, a "fully online" account (usually by utilising your Microsoft account email address).... Continue Reading →

Highlighting PlayTo / DLNA functionality in your Windows 8 Apps

  Using the PlayTo functionality within a media application is a great way to enhance your media related app - but the methodology for the user to invoke the PlayTo feature in Windows 8 relies on a full working knowledge of the Charms bar (The user needs to select a device from the devices charm... Continue Reading →

Semantic Zoom – Dual Implementation

Semantic Zoom was initially implemented in “Live Tile Browser”  to collapse down the A-Z listing of Live Tilesto a simple alphabet (see blow) Semantic Zoom –  (a–z listing of available Live tiles) This worked fine but it did present a small problem when I decided to offer a different method for sorting the live tiles... Continue Reading →

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