Semantic Zoom – Dual Implementation


Semantic Zoom was initially implemented in “Live Tile Browser”  to collapse down the A-Z listing of Live Tilesto a simple alphabet (see blow)

Semantic Zoom –  (a–z listing of available Live tiles)

This worked fine but it did present a small problem when I decided to offer a different method for sorting the live tiles – by their constituent App:


Semantic Zoom –live tiles ordered by their ‘owning’ Apps

I struggled for a while but discovered that I needed very few changes to my XAML to come up with a ‘Zoomed in’ View that worked equally well for both scenarios. (The logical ‘Zoomed in’ view to my mind being the icons of the owning Apps themselves)

Here is the XAML I used for the Semantic Zoom element which, along with the grouped data is all that is required to implement this new control:

image(Click to Enlarge)

NB The  <local:LiveTile /> element is a User Control encapsulating the Live Tile functionality.

Developer Opportunities.

This App is open to any independent developer of Windows Phone Apps in order to highlight their own Live Tiles at no cost
Contact the developers ( or comment below if you would like to know more.

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