Using the BUILD Session Planning Tool

So I played around with this great tool and came up with some recommendations for using the tool that work well for me.

Here are the steps I took to maximise my BUILD experience:

1. Begin by filtering sessions by day and select all the sessions that you would like to see on that day:


2. Next flip across to the schedule tab and spend some time removing multiple choices you made in a particular slot and then consider adding interesting sessions in slots that don’t already have a choice:


3. Review your choice in the ‘my schedule’ tab:


4. Now repeat the above process using filters set for the other days of the conference (day 2, day 3 etc.)

5. Once I had completed this process I then set filters on particular subjects that I am interested in to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

6. Finally I set filters on my favourite speakers to make sure I didn’t miss anything interesting there.

Remember that a little dead time is not necessarily a bad thing – your brain will be overloaded by the end of the conference so consider giving it a break!

Hope you find this run through useful.  It’s a great session planning tool this year and my thanks go to whoever was behind it!

Have a great conference and say high if you spot me wandering around!




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