The You Essay (1930’s and 1940’s)

So at some point after my Father retired he told me a story about when he was on one of his holidays with my Mum and the guide made reference to recounting early childhood memories (detail below) - this got my Dad thinking and when he returned he decided to recount his own - this... Continue Reading →

Thor: The Dark World. (Spoiler Free Review)

Apologies for the short digresion from development technology but … .. with the luck of the devil I managed to snag a plus one for my daughter Daisy and I to a private screening of "Thor:The Dark Army" at the Cineworld/IMAX in Birmingham last night.  After being treated to a red carpet and champagne reception... Continue Reading →

Decent snaps using just a phone?

  About time Nokia started shouting about the quality of the camera on the Lumia 920. Lumia vs S3 … It ‘s nice knowing that I can get a decent snapshot using just my phone. Here are a few from my own phone (Nokia Lumia 920).  NB I chose them because the lighting was different... Continue Reading →

Modern Jago – Design Labs

I got to spend the day at Modern Jago yesterday on day 1 of a two day design oriented event (I cannot make day 2 but that is a whole other story).  Modern Jago is nestled amongst a village of designer clothes shops, art house cinemas, T-Shirt presses and independent publishing houses in the ‘trendy’... Continue Reading →

A PC for the Post PC era?

Windows RT first Impressions So prior to using it I kind of had a mind set that Windows RT was going to feel like using Windows CE’s big brother (which technically maybe you could argue it is) but in practice what I have found so far is that the experience is EXACTLY the same as... Continue Reading →

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