Silverlight Hosting

I thought it would be cool to use my silverlight hosting account to show some of the photos of the Remix event in Madrid.
New to Silverlight I thought I would kick off with something pretty easy and I took the code for the ‘Silverlight Surface’ demo app and proceeded to modify the background to include thew Madrid Remix logo, and replace the photos with some I took of the event itself (and the surrounding area).  A matter of minutes later (OK about an hour or two including software installs) I was up and running with my own localised app.  It works like a dream and I set about uploading it up to my silverlight account. 
Well, I seem to have hit a wall as try as i might i cannot get the bits uploaded.  Possibly there is an incompatibility somewhere, or maybe I just havn’t got the manifest file configured correctly (I’ve tried everything I can think of).  No more time to spare on this as I have a lot to gen up on … and so little time …
<edit> Finally sussed it: </edit>
The Madrid Sky Clip photo makes a nice windows background …

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