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What is wrong with this picture?

My dialog with Microsoft about ‘missing downloads’ has been an agonising one in which I have simply failed to get through to anyone who believes that there is anything wrong with the above picture. (To paraphrase and simplify: ‘our system tells us that you didn’t have any downloads during that time period’) If you work... Continue Reading →

Made in the UK

Very pleased to see that ‘Learn Piano’ is one of the featured apps in the Windows Store ‘Made In The UK’ spotlight section in the Windows Store. Watch, Rewind, Pause and Play this stunning collection of videos aimed at helping you to learn the piano. Beginner? Use 'slow' mode to play along slowly! ★★★★★ "What... Continue Reading →

App Sales on the Windows Platform

Something strange has been going on with my Windows Phone and App store downloads. Windows Store App Sales So not a very inspiring story but this graph shows sales revenue (not ad revenue) for Apps between April and June this year.  The graph shows a regular income from App sales of between £5 and £10... Continue Reading →

Windows Store Download Stats.

So after a very flat and uninspiring period after the launch of Windows 8 looking at my own stats today it is clear that things have started to change over the last Month or so - with a steep increase in downloads (which now total in excess of 37,000) Hopefully this increase will continue a... Continue Reading →

At probably his most commercially successful peak (with 1983' Lets' Dance Album) Bowie has turned from star to superstar to mega-superstar.  Kicking off with his critically acclaimed Berlin Period Bowie also emerged as one of the most influential video artists of this period.   Bowie 78 - 85 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL     

Bowie 1970-1977

Covering what many believe to be Bowies most productive period so far this App takes you from mainstream origins in 1970 up to the beginning of his classic Berlin  period in1977. "Although there is nothing in this App that isn't available elsewhere packaging it together like this makes for compulsive viewing" Bowie 70 77 VIEW... Continue Reading →

Hot Models

Top Supermodels strutting their stuff on the catwalk! Windows 8 Share, Search and Sematic Zooming support. Frequent content updates (highlighted in 'Latest' grouping) Whether you are a fashion fan or just a fan of the female form there is something for you here ..... Hot Models VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL     

London Landmarks

  Get the lowdown on the must see landmarks before you visit London. Many hundreds of videos go into this collection which is constantly updated (new items appear automatically within the App). It covers all the most popular landmarks but if there is a particular landmark that you are interested in then you can add... Continue Reading →


  Want to see some of the best dancing ever seen? Get the latest clips relating to the best dancers, available now, and available in your pocket! Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Fred Astaire, Margot Fonteyn, Prabhu Deva, Gene Kelly ,Paula Abdu and Shakira “I Love this App” Dancers VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL    

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