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App Sales on the Windows Platform

Something strange has been going on with my Windows Phone and App store downloads.

Windows Store App Sales

So not a very inspiring story but this graph shows sales revenue (not ad revenue) for Apps between April and June this year.  The graph shows a regular income from App sales of between £5 and £10 per day up until around 6th May when suddenly not only are there no sales but there are more refunds than is the norm.

image(Click on the graph to enlarge)

And so I put in a request to Microsoft to investigate this strange phenomena.  Some weeks passed and after a series of exchanges I got a message back saying everything is normal (!?)

Windows Phone App Sales

A similar story with my Windows Phone sales (I have an outstanding request to investigate this from that team also).


To my mind the chances of this happening through the normal course of events are so small as to be discountable?

And so the purpose of this post   (and I feel a little bad that I have had to resort to this) is to ‘shame’ Microsoft into actually giving me an explanation of what is wrong instead of a series (of which the below is the latest) of emails attempting to persuade me that everything is OK.


NB I have replied to the email above with a link to this blog post.

If anyone else has experienced similar phenomena please let me know.

2 thoughts on “App Sales on the Windows Platform

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  1. My first suggestion is to have someone else, perhaps different country/region see if your apps are available on the store. With consistent revenue like your seeing to completely vanish – either the apps are gone out of sight (out of mind) and therefore no sales – or – there is a competing but very similar app that is taking over all sales – not just in purchases from customers, but I mean it could also involve Microsoft having a mix up and attributing your app sales to another vendor. Refunds I can understand, regardless of quality of build. There is always someone who just isn’t satisfied, but suddenly zero sales, despite Microsoft’s statement – that ain’t normal.


    1. I concur. Just checked on the Win App Store and my app wasn’t listed nor showed up when searching for it. Could be because I checked on the new non RT Tablet, but seemed strange regardless. Worth checking out


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