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Setting up a Windows 11 personal account on a (Corporate) Surface Device

Corporate laptops may have their own bespoke login which, at first glance, can be difficult to utilise with a personal account. However, the following steps will route the laptop to a full setup with a personal (ie a non-corporate) local or if desired, a "fully online" account (usually by utilising your Microsoft account email address).... Continue Reading →

How to open a broken car Bonnet (Toyota Yaris)

At some stage the latch that allows one to open the bonnet on our Toyota Yaris has broken. While this hasn't been a major inconvenience (the car was off the road pending a new exhaust) I have, over the last few weeks tried various methods and jiggery pokery to get the bonnet open! Here is... Continue Reading →

What is wrong with this picture?

My dialog with Microsoft about ‘missing downloads’ has been an agonising one in which I have simply failed to get through to anyone who believes that there is anything wrong with the above picture. (To paraphrase and simplify: ‘our system tells us that you didn’t have any downloads during that time period’) If you work... Continue Reading →

Create App Package Dialog Failing

Recently I am finding that the above dialog is getting harder and harder to work through and has become a bottleneck when attempting to issue a new version of an existing App (or a new App).  When I first started developing apps for Windows 8 it would fail occasionally, but a refresh would solve the... Continue Reading →

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