Windows 8 Apps – Keeping it Simple

We have all been is situations where we have seen code implemented in an unnecessarily complex way or where the number of features in an app has gotten out of control.  I like to think that the use of “KISS” (“Keep it simple – stupid”) is one of the main stays of all the projects... Continue Reading →

“Live Tile” Browser for Windows 8

  A quick interim post to show progress on porting this app to Windows 8. Still much to do but have made good progress in a couple of days.  Plan on adding filters for Live Tile types which will re-arrange the screen accordingly.  UI is very responsive so am pleased thus far. I have added... Continue Reading →


I thought it might be kind of interesting to have this app on my own phone.  I like to know when most of these guys have a new video out in the world and this app allows me to add a live tile which updates with each new post (and if I am that much... Continue Reading →

”The Hollow Crown” – Extras

My eldest daughter returned home from school with a note saying that they were looking for children to audition as extras for the BBC and that she would like to go along.  So we (the family) combined this with existing plans to meet up with friends in town at the venue in question seemingly for... Continue Reading →

Ingestion Failure Example under 3.10.1

I hadn’t come across this before but one of my recent Apps “Happy Families” failed ingestion under 3.10 with the following ingestion report: 3.10 Country/Region Specific Requirements 3.10.1 Requirements Expected Result Content that is offensive in any country/region to which your application is targeted is not allowed. Content may be considered offensive in certain countries/regions... Continue Reading →

App Roadmap

A few people have asked about plans around Live Tile Browser, App Aid, Live Tile News and related Apps so I thought I would take this opportunity to create an outline of current and future plans. Live Tile News This kicked off the whole ‘ChApp’ (Charity App) concept with all the developer proceeds from the... Continue Reading →

Get it for free, then show 3

Heads up, I am not a marketeer, I don’t think I am even a very good ‘people person’ (typical geek I guess). Notwithstanding I want to convince you (and that guy in Nigeria) that there is such a thing as a “win-win scenario” With apologies if this post comes across like I am trying to... Continue Reading →

Live Tile Browser

  With the release of Silverlight 5 I thought I would take this opportunity to demo up an idea I have had to promote Live Tiles for Windows Phone (and Windows 8 I guess)*. The idea is quite simple – a marketplace for Live Tiles for Windows Phone (and Windows 8 maybe).  So I have... Continue Reading →

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