“Poorly” Roland D-70 from Facebook Marketplace – Fixed!

The follow up to Roland's classic D-50 I had been keen to take a look at exactly what a "Super L.A. Synthesis" Synthesizer¬† can do for some time .... Symptoms were the classic "No RAM Card" and also loss of internal pre-sets as a result of a dead internal CMOS battery (but little did I... Continue Reading →

How to open a broken car Bonnet (Toyota Yaris)

At some stage the latch that allows one to open the bonnet on our Toyota Yaris has broken. While this hasn't been a major inconvenience (the car was off the road pending a new exhaust) I have, over the last few weeks tried various methods and jiggery pokery to get the bonnet open! Here is... Continue Reading →

Changing a Sit On Mower Cutting Blade

Although I have had this mower professionally serviced before now it has always been quite a long winded (and expensive) operation involving the service centre ("Cheltenham Mowers") dispatching a van to both pick up and then re-deliver the mower after the work has been done. On this occasion the mower blade had become warped as... Continue Reading →

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