Highlighting PlayTo / DLNA functionality in your Windows 8 Apps

  Using the PlayTo functionality within a media application is a great way to enhance your media related app - but the methodology for the user to invoke the PlayTo feature in Windows 8 relies on a full working knowledge of the Charms bar (The user needs to select a device from the devices charm... Continue Reading →

“Art” Practical for Windows 8

Following on from the successful Windows phone App “Art” comes this fresh Windows 8 App – completely rewritten to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the Windows 8 Application environment! Real artists demonstrating what they do best in the following mediums: "Oil Paint" "Watercolours" "Pencil Drawing" "Charcoal Drawing" "Origami" "Sand Sculptures" "Chalk Drawing" "Screen... Continue Reading →

Modern Jago – Design Labs

I got to spend the day at Modern Jago yesterday on day 1 of a two day design oriented event (I cannot make day 2 but that is a whole other story).  Modern Jago is nestled amongst a village of designer clothes shops, art house cinemas, T-Shirt presses and independent publishing houses in the ‘trendy’... Continue Reading →

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