Complimenting the SSL UF8 by using a separate Transport Controller

  1. BERINGER X-Touch One
  2. Elgato StreamDeck

And so in my continuing quest to find my perfect DAW controller I decided to look at options around enhancing the excellent SSL UF8 with a bespoke Transport Controller.

I should point out that the UF8 is a fully functional stand-alone DAW controller and doesn’t need a separate Transport Control … but …. If you miss having the timecode readout and a decent size Controller knob I wondered if it could be teamed up with a separate Transport Control.

Spoiler alert … it can!

The two units don’t appear to mind sharing the Control Surface chores one bit. Setup wise the UF8 is using the {temporary} Mackie script I modified for the original review (it works satisfactorily to a point with the default script but is a little untidy scribble-strip wise) while the X-Touch One is just using the standard Mackie controller script. A nice feature of the X-Touch One is it comes with templates for most popular DAWs in the box.


Elgato StreamDeck

(Apologies for the poor quality of this shot!)

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