FL Studio with the ICON QCON Pro X – how to take full advantage!

I am nearing completion of my work on this script and wanted to post this by way of an update.

The QCON Pro X is unique in controllers in having a second display immediately above the faders (It also has some other great features – stereo master meters, bespoke hardware based templates and the most easy to read displays of any controller out there to name a few!!)

Sadly, with the exception of BitWig and Reason the second display has been largely ignored by DAW manufacturers – this is criminal – but at least now we have some working functionality for FL Studio \\:-) !!

As ever the functionality that glues Control Surfaces and DAWs together is constantly evolving but, from a personal perspective, I believe that the combination of the QCON Pro X and FL Studio represents the best that is on the market today.

A bespoke metal Control Template for FL Studio available from ICON

NB As can be seen from the legend on the above hardware template for FL Studio this DAW controller is already fully featured! Having said that, this post will focus primarily on the new functionality brought to the QCON Pro X- and, as I have said before, I am no “YouTuber” so apologise for the quality of the video below (I figure that for now it is at least better than nothing :-))

The list below represents my plans:

  1. Make good on the “promise” of the second display to display dynamic track/channel numbers.
  2. Move all temporary messages / feedback (usually but not exclusively derived from ‘VPot twiddling’) to the second display. This avoids this feedback being hidden by your hands as they twiddle and also allows the messages to remain on display longer than was previously possible.
  3. Take the opportunity to display the full name when a track is selected (while the abbreviated versions that are a part of the Mackie protocol are good – there are times when for the life of me I haven’t been able to quickly identify the track names by using them on their own!)
  4. Make the Master stereo metering LEDs live.
  5. Create a companion script to enable the QCON Pro X Extender to share this functionality.

NB At the time of writing the extender script has not yet been implemented.


NB Once the script has been installed in “\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Settings\Hardware\MCUE” you should see it in the user scripts on the right of the “Controller Type” selection box.

Video walk Through of new functionality

I managed to get a poor quality video recording that at least has readable displays!

Make sure to turn on subtitles/captioning 🙂

NB The script for this functionality can be downloaded here:

Details of functionality can be found in this word document

* One of the nice features of this metal template is the contacts on the back – these link to the Control Surface itself which will then default to “FL Studio” mode.

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