The SSL UF8 Control Surface with FL Studio – Which Plugins can I control from the UF8?

So throughout the day I have been looking at how this controller works with FL Studio and as I see a particular bit of functionality being demonstrated by SSL I have found myself wondering if it will work with FL Studio. One such piece of functionality is the focus control – where the “big knob” on the UF8 can be used to change parameters of any control that the mouse is currently “hovering over” (in a similar manner to the Surface Dial when teamed with a nice little bit of software known as “Elephant”).

The answer is yes, most of the time (some plugins are coded differently and simply don’t work). The good news is that most of the stock plugins in FL Studio function as expected. I have done a very quick video showing a few of them. (You can’t see my right hand but off screen it is moving the mouse over each control that you should see being subsequently manipulated by the UF8 “big knob”).

I have also confirmed that the following plugins can also be controlled from the UF8:

Working 🙂Not Working 😦
FL Studio Plugins (newer)FL Studio Plugins (older)
Roland Zen Cor and Pro (yay!)Legacy Roland Instrument Plugins?
Roland TR808 VSTArturia V Collection 7
Roland TR909 VST
Roland TR606 VST
Roland Juno 60 VST


Unlike some of the other game changing features of the UF8 I personally don’t think this is something I will use that often – but if you are a “dyed in the wool” knob twiddler then of course your mileage may be different :-).

And it is nice to see another UF8 feature working “out of the box” in FL Studio

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  1. Hey Ian! Thank you so much for sharing this information. I recently posted requesting any information about the UF8’s functionality on the main FL Studio page most recently, before committing to buy. I’ve never owned a DAW mixer before and I’ve been putting together a personal studio at home. But before purchasing I wanted to be sure that it worked! SSL weren’t much help in telling me much about it either. All I really needed to work were the faders, pans and to be able to scroll across the channel rack, ideally. Based on what I can see, am I right in saying that it does actually work then? I noticed when I were watching your videos though that it doesn’t name the channels? For example I noticed the screens on the UF8 said “Track 1” and “ Track 2” whilst you channels were named such as “Guitar”? Either way I’m pleased about it to say the least. I shall however re-watch these videos properly when I have some spare time. Rich.

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    1. Hi, Sorry – it probably isn’t very clear – the track names (guitar etc) are all picked up automatically – the track numbers are optional (and don’t appear at all if you use the standard Mackie Setting in FL Studio). That said, if you have a large project with lots of tracks that you are constantly banking up and down to then having the track numbers as well as the track names can be a real help \\:-)


      1. Hey Ian, yeah I realised after. My video streaming quaility were poor at the time, but yeah I noticed later on that it stated “Perc” etc below were it stated “Track 1”.. so my bad! Thanks once again! I think I’m going to eventually purchase the UF8 with absolute certainty, and I think it’ll be a nice piece of kit to have with my studio, for somebody who hasn’t had a production mixer previously. Just gotta try and sneak it in without the girlfriend realising. haha.. I’ve also subscribed to your YouTube as well, and I’m thankful for these blogs you’ve written; which I find valuable, like I said, there were nothing about FL working with this thing at all, I were kind of frustrated last month with the lack of info on the net. And nobody knew anything. I might have to contact you in the near future if I struggle to set it up though. Rich.


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