Forcing the jog dial on a Mackie Controller to always use the playlist window in FL Studio

This is a matter of personal preference but I always want to move through the playlist (or scrub it) and find it an inconvenience to have to select this window first!

This script “tweak” always selects the playlist window when you use the jog dial. (If you don’t have the Playlist Window open the song pointer/audio still operates as you would expect).

If you want to try this just add the line “ui.setFocused(midi.widPlaylist)” as in the example below

	def OnMidiMsg(self, event):

		ArrowStepT = [2, -2, -1, 1]
		CutCopyMsgT = ('Cut', 'Copy', 'Paste', 'Insert', 'Delete')  #FPT_Cut..FPT_Delete
		if (event.midiId == midi.MIDI_CONTROLCHANGE):
			if (event.midiChan == 0):
				event.inEv = event.data2

(Alternatively add “ui.setFocused(midi.widPlaylist)” as the first line after the “def Jog(self, event):” line)

In an ideal world this would be a simple option – perhaps a toggle on one of the function buttons? My hope if that if enough people consider this to be a useful feature then the Image line team might “do it properly” and add it to the main script as an option?

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