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Using the Roland MC101 as a Sound Module in FL Studio

I have my MC101 connected to my PC using a USB Cable with the audio out connected via my Audio Interface (Scarlett Focusrite in my case)

The whole process is deceptively simple:

Midi Setup for my MC101 (Port Number is not important as long as it is the same for input and output)

Step 1 is to add a Midi Out instrument to your channel Rack:

Step 2 is to configure this Midi out instrument:

NB Note that everything can be left as default except the midi channel (my MC101 is on 31) and the selection of which of the tracks (1-4) that has the instrument within your MC101 that you wish to use (FL Studio Channel and MC101 Track “2” in my case)

That’s all there is to it! I never record the MC101 outputs until I am ready to master as this gives me the freedom to edit sounds (and drum kits) within the MC101 during my song writing / production process.

I perhaps should add that using the MC101 simply as a sound module is not the best use of it but having the Roland Zenology Core Sounds and Drum Kits available off line in a little box is great! I also found that this approach means that I can play with song ideas while away from my home studio using the MC101’s own pattern/song writing capabilities – as a portable, dedicated notepad as I believe it is intended to be :-).

AddendumIf you don’t want to use your audio interface you can select the “Asio4All” driver in your FL Studio Settings->Audio->Device panel and you will then be able to bring in the 4 audio channels over the USB connection which some might find more convenient:


Once you have set up Asio4All as above you will then see the four stereo MC101 tracks available in the Mixer Dropdown – it is then simply a case of selecting these streams to individual mixer tracks (as I have already done with track 1 in the below example)

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