How to open a broken car Bonnet (Toyota Yaris)

At some stage the latch that allows one to open the bonnet on our Toyota Yaris has broken. While this hasn’t been a major inconvenience (the car was off the road pending a new exhaust) I have, over the last few weeks tried various methods and jiggery pokery to get the bonnet open!

Here is what worked for me in the end (with thanks to for providing additional ideas).

First of all I unhooked the latch mount within the car and ensured that it was “pulled” as far as possible:

I then proceeded to prise the engine grille upwards as far as possible – this gave me enough access to get a screwdriver in to prise off the two generic chassis mounting clips that held the grille in place (see below)

Here are a couple of views of the bonnet bracket which can now be easily unlatched using a screwdriver:

(Finish off with a spot of WD40 methinks!)


While not an exact match I did enjoy this video (especially the bit about the flying screwdriver):

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