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Projecting a VST (or any other component) to a second PC from within your DAW

If you have any old Windows laptop or tablet running Windows 10 then this can be a real lifesaver and give you extra “real estate” for your DAW.

In the above image I am sharing my Jupiter 8 (Roland Cloud VST) from FL Studio 20 onto a spare PC – a bonus being because the PC I am sharing to has a touch screen I can play and tweak the device with my fingers as well – how cool is that?

Here is what to do:

  1. First Off, on the device that you want to use as the second monitor go to settings and see if you have the wireless display adapter installed (if not, install it as below):
Installing the Windows 10 wireless display adapter

NB This works with most, but not all Windows 10 devices.

2. When it is installed go to settings -> project to this PC and enable the option to project to this PC:

3. Now go back to the PC with your DAW on and select connect from the bottom of the notification bar:

4. You should then see the device you just shared in a list of available screens as follows:

Select your desired screen from the list!


Do the same thing using just an old Monitor instead of an old PC using this adapter from Microsoft:

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