Mapping Roland Zenology Drum Kits in FL Studio

Back in the day my go to Drum Machine was a Roland TR-707 and I still favour those sounds. (though like to have the flexibility of auditioning other kits when I get close to mix down). In the past for me this has meant standardising naming conventions and simply copying kits around on my PC’s file system. With Zenology the potential for auditioning kits and mixing/matching of individual drum sounds becomes incredibly simple – it is now just a matter of “turning the dial” and selecting a different kit – fabulous!

I personally like to have a channel for each drum sound – this gives maximum flexibility for effects and also means I can make full use of the Akai Fire in composing and “playing with” drum tracks and that I get full use of the mixer properties in FL Studio. My starting point is usually setting up the channel from a bespoke template similar to that below – although I will often add other percussion sounds on other channels as they are needed.

A typical starting point for drums in my compositions.

For a drum based channel using samples FL Studio sends a trigger but for midi based triggering a c5 note is sent by default – this is unlikely to trigger the particular drum sound in the Zenology kit that you have chosen!

The answer is to map the default note to the note that triggers the sound you are after and this is done by right clicking on the desired note as in the following screen shot:

The trigger then becomes locked to the required “virtual kit” sound. Of course the kit itself can still be changed allowing you to easily audition different drum sounds as you listen back to a mix – fabulous!

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