Linking Roland Zenology to my Nektar Controller.

So as is often the case, I start a blog post with something that I want to do – but at the time have no idea how to complete (until the blog post is finished of course!)

I am using FL Studio 20 as my DAW and want to map my Nektar controller with the Roland Zenology softsynth as shown below:

As you can see – it isn’t a perfect matching as far as the Nektar labels are concerned but I figure it will do the job.

So, where to start? I am hoping that the solution is somewhere in here:

I started my setup following the instructions in the Nektar PDF and found I was able to use the Nektar keyboard as well as some of the Nektar controls right off the bat!. However the controls Highlighted above did nothing by default (though they worked straight off with the many softsynths included with FLStudio) so I moved on to the second article to find out about the “Override generic link” feature in FL Studio:

There are two methods for doing this. I used the following method:

Last tweaked control

  1. Initiate the link – Click the Multilink controllers icon (Ctrl+J), it will turn orange.
  2. Tweak the software interface target/s – Move the target control/s on the plugin interface with your mouse. You should see the controls name momentarily appear above the Multilink controllers switch.
    • Optional – To use the Remote control settings to modify the link, Right-Click the Multilink controllers switch and select ‘Link to controller‘, then:
  3. Make the link/s – Move the knobs/sliders on your controller you want to link. The links will be made in the same order the software targets were tweaked. The process will auto-close once the number of hardware controls tweaked equals the number of software targets.

All in all, that was much easier than I anticipated though I haven’t checked yet how permanent this will prove to be (stand by ….)

It also occurs to me that I will probably want this mapping quite regularly so it would be good to automate this process somehow ….


After tinkering for just a short while I realised that the linking was “glued” to the Zenology instrument that it was set up with. Now, my preference would be for it to be “glued” to the currently selected Zenology instrument. and I suspect this is possible but I will need to do a bit more investigation …

… some minutes later I discovered that setting the effect to be “Omni” as in the following image seems to do the trick!

{I did this for each of the linkages seen in the left hand panel above)

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