Virtual Reality Experience comes to Gloucester!

I spoke to one of the worlds leading Virtual Reality Bloggers yesterday about a very exciting experience that is coming to Gloucester, UK in the coming weeks!. RaMarcus regularly keeps a large 16K user base of keen Virtual Reality enthusiasts updated with regular briefings of what is new in the world of VR and related tech. He is the mastermind behind the new experience that is opening in one of the main shopping streets of Gloucester and a stones throw from the popular Gloucester Docks in Southgate Street.

I was also lucky enough to get a sneak peak at some of what is in store behind the covered doors and windows of the new centre yesterday and, without giving too much away, it is already looking like this is going to be a “must visit” attraction, not only for VR enthusiasts but also for anyone who simply wants to know more about VR!

Just to be clear though, the experiences on offer here go above and beyond what you might experience in your own home. But even if you are brand new to VR it is also a place where you can come and find out which of the many headsets currently on the market might be the best for you, and believe me, once you have experienced some of the headsets in this centre you are going to want to own your own!

If you want to know more about what is happening and when this fabulous experience is opening stay tuned to RaMarcus’ YouTube channel:

The whitewashed doors of the new centre about to open in Gloucester’s Southgate Street.



PS Love VR and want to see this venture a success but not sure you can make it to the venue?

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