ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level (2018) – Exam Day – What to expect.

So I just got back from taking the exam and thought I would let you know about the experience. I took the test at Pearson in Gloucester at Mid day today.

On arrival at reception I was given a couple of A4 pages (where the toilet is, no smoking etc.) and a Key to a locker where I was asked to place everything I had with me (phone, watch and whatever I had in my pockets). After a few minutes my name was called and I was led down to the test room exterior where I was asked to empty out my pockets, show my ears (what did they think I might have in there?) and generally be made to feel a little like an up – market prisoner about to be shown to their cell!

I was given a dry-wipe pen and A4 folder and a set of ear plugs (not needed as it was very quiet in there) and took up position in one of the booths. You are sat in front of a screen, keyboard and mouse with a straightforward guide to the test itself.

The testing software allows you to move back and forward and there is also a summary screen where you can mark particular questions you want to review and also any that you might have skipped (I skipped any lengthy questions to go back to at the end).

I was able to answer all the questions and then go through them all again to check my answers (I think I made one change which hopefully gave me an extra mark that I wouldn’t have had otherwise!

You can finish the test early if you like but I prefer to get my money’s worth and kept checking my answers until the bitter end!

I then left the room and was directed back to reception where I was given a folded piece of paper with my result:

You are also emailed the result though mine has not arrived yet.

Anyone who wants to validate your result can do that at the successful candidate register (as I write this, shortly after completing the exam, my name does not yet appear).

It took rather a long time but my name finally appears in the role of honour:

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